Friday, September 18, 2009

Maxis prospectus is out... well the draft prospectus at least.

The much awaited Maxis prospectus is out, the draft, at least.

As expected, Maxis Communications will only list its Malaysian unit on the local stock exchange. It will leave out its Indian and Indonesian investments.
The IPO involve the offer of 2.25 billion Maxis Bhd shares, representing 30 per cent of its existing share capital.

As the listing of Maxis Bhd, a subsidiary of Maxis Communications Bhd (MCB), will not involve issuing of new shares, the exercise is not expected to raise any proceeds for the company. What this means is, MCB will be selling their 30 per cent stake in Maxis Bhd and they can use the money raised from the IPO for their Indian investments.

Im thrilled when the announcement came. Not because i can buy Maxis shares. But it's because the public can now get hold of their financial performance, and operational performance. (above)


Azbahri said...

wow, thanks for the info.. really appreciate it, if possible i would like to know their Revenue, Ebitda, Margin, etc..

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