Friday, July 24, 2009

How DiGi performed in Q2?

DiGi.Com Bhd, the country's third largest mobile operator, recorded a 21 per cent decline in its second quarter net profit to RM235 million. However, revenue gain marginally by 1 per cent during the quarter.

Its revenue has declined for the second consecutive quarters -- fell by 1.13 per cent in Q1 (against Q408), and fell by 1.06 per cent in Q2 (against Q109). In contrast, Celcom has recorded over 10 quarters of consecutive growth.

Besides those key numbers that were highlighted above, DiGi also revealed that mobile data revenue has declined on a Q-on-Q basis, mainly due to the decline in SMS revenue.

SMS Revenue declined by RM10 million, or 5.9 per cent, to RM157 million, while non-SMS revenue fell by RM3 million, or 3.7 per cent, in the second quarter. (comparing against Q109)

Few things that they did not highlight in the presentation slides:

1. How much affected are their IDD revenue? It will not be surprising to see DiGi, which is believed to have the biggest chunk of the foreign workers subscriber share, to get hit in this area.

2. Mobile broadband -- how many users now?

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Anonymous said...

how about celcom financial report for Q2, already out or not? im still waiting for it..

and if can, could you do fair comparison (like u did last time) when the report out soon..

thanks in advance.


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