Thursday, June 25, 2009

Silent attack from DiGi?

DIGI.COM Bhd, the country's third largest mobile operator, is on the attacking mode again, this time, quietly (not anymore i guess).

The company has tied up with Maybank, the country's largest lender, to attract more non-DiGi users to switch over to DiGi -- by "giving" RM35 to those who ported.

It was done rather "quietly", to avoid attention or reaction from rivals. So far, the announcement is only made on maybank2u website, and could not be found on the DiGi's website (either that, or it is not prominently displayed)

The "RM35 giveaway" is available for both prepaid and postpaid users.

I believe the campaign is quite new, as i did not notice the advertisement on maybank2u website a few days back.

We know that public's response to MNP is rather lukewarm, despite all the awareness campaigns. Will campaigns like DiGi's encourage people to switch over? We will know in November/ December when DiGi announces their Q3 results.

How will other telco react? Sit and do nothing? Offer similar packages to attract rival's customers? Or, to come up with a campaign that encourage their customer to stay loyal?



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