Thursday, May 28, 2009

Celcom vs DiGi Q1 2009

Last week, Celcom announced its first quarter performance to the local media. Not surprisingly, the company posted its 12th consecutive quarterly growth.

Overall, Celcom appears to have the edge over rivals DiGi and is positioning itself as a Strong Number 2 player.

First quarter results also has a few "highlights":
1. A record 183,000 new postpaid net adds.
2. Mobile subscribers exceeded 300,000 mark.

Ok. Let's look at how these two have performed.

Celcom: RM1.47 billion, up 0.3 per cent QoQ, up 9.7 per cent YoY.
DiGi: RM1.22 billion, down 1.1 per cent QoQ, up 4 per cent YoY.

Celcom: 9.17 million, up 4.7 per cent (415,000) QoQ. Postpaid user rose 10.4 per cent to 1.94 million, while Prepaid user rose 3.3 per cent to 7.22 million.

DiGi: 7.15 million, up by 1.3 per cent (93,000) QoQ. Postpaid user rose 6 per cent to 1.16 million, while Prepaid user rose 0.5 per cent to 5.99 million.

ARPU (Average revenue per user)
Celcom: Postpaid ARPU at RM101, down from RM104 in fourth quarter. Prepaid ARPU at RM41, down by 8.7 per cent from RM45 in Q4 last year. Blended ARPU down by 5.4 per cent QoQ to RM54.

DiGi: Postpaid ARPU fell by 4.5 per cent to RM84 (from RM88 in fourth quarter 2008), Prepaid ARPU fell by 3.8 per cent to RM50 (RM52 in Q409) and Blended ARPU dropped by 3.4 per cent to RM56 (from RM58)

Celcom: RM664 million, flat growth. Ebitda margin fell to 45 per cent, from 45.1 per cent in fourth quarter 2008.

DiGi: RM544 million, grew by 1.4 per cent. Ebitda margin expanded to 44.6 per cent from 43.5 per cent.

Celcom: rose by 6.3 per cent QoQ to RM357 million.
DiGi: fell by 2.3 per cent QoQ to RM275 million.

Main concerns moving forward:

According to industry sources, about 15-30 per cent of DiGi's prepaid customer base are foreign workers. If it is true, this could impact DiGi's earnings for the remaining quarters as the slowing economy would translate into less jobs for these foreign workers. (less jobs= less phone calls made; less activities = more foreign workers to be sent home)

As for Celcom, key question now is, how it plans to attack the Central division. It reintroduced a new Xpax few weeks ago. Based on the rates they offer, they should give rival Maxis and DiGi a run for their money.


Azbahri said...

yes, definitely this is exactly what i want.. a very clear comparison.. thanks

danliew said...

Thanks for sharing this piece of info. I'm sure DiGi does have a hard time getting more users for now because most are so reluctant to change due to its 3G-less mobile service. Once introduced, it might be a different story.

Azbahri said...

i dont think they are reluctant mainly because of 3G service, yes 3G services have some impact too but it is not giving major impact. what is they need to work on is on their coverage issue.. most of my fren (or almost all of my fren) dont want to use digi because they have not so good coverage, thats all.

for those who living in big city, not a big problem.. but pitty on who living outside the city area..

Anonymous said...

wah kudos to DiGi.compared with what Digi's offering and Celcom's offering, Celcom's offering more.DiGi's just launched their 3G services early this year compared with Celcom who was the main player for last few years.About coverage, how long celcom started their services compared with DiGi?Same like you want to compare Shell's performance with Petronas. Shell almost 100 years and Petronas only few decades?

ha ha ha,same goes to Celcom and DiGi.About coverage i still ok with DiGi,coverage its not a really main issue for me.i did compared the call charges between all the 3 major services provider and Digi's offered me the lowest rate.The best part,they treat me good.efficient.nice.(Pavilion centre).Celcom,(jln semarak) after waiting 2 hours then they will assists me...

Kar Ann said...

Any result about other mobile operators? Interested to see Maxis'.

Azim Ismail said...

celcom is no 1 in malaysia

v.t said...

may i know where do u get the celcom's individual co. figures? wanting to get their individual co. annual report and not axiata's but couldn't find it anywhere. yr help will be appreciated.

Sankar said...

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