Thursday, April 23, 2009

YTL e-Solutions Bhd to launch nationwide WiMAX in 14 months

YTL e-Solutions Bhd, the wireless broadband provider controlled by YTL Corp Bhd, will launch its wireless services in 14 months, using the WiMAX technology.

Although the company admits that it is behind the initial target set by government "25 per cent population coverage by Q1 2009", it confidently said that it will be ahead of the government's target to achieve nationwide coverage.

It said that it will only commercially launch the service when it has nationwide coverage, as doing it stages by stages will not offer the true "customer experience".

While the idea sounds great, it does has some risks.

In 14 months time, its rivals would probably have a huge headstart in the WiMAX race. P1, which has more than 20,000 customers so far, aims to hit 100,000 by year end (need to re-clarify). By then, these players would also have already established their brand and position themselves in the market they want to be in.

These of course, are not huge obstacles for YTL e-Solutions, which has deeper pockets than the other three players (P1, Asiaspace and Redtone). Moreover, it has tied up with giants like Cisco, Sprint, and Samsung, which would definitely help the company to gain lost ground in terms of branding milleage.



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