Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What DiGi and Celcom are doing on their prepaid front...?

Since Maxis' Hotlink came up with a new price plans. No harm relooking at DiGi and Celcom's plan. So far, DiGi is still sticking to its 36 sen a minute (to anyone, anywhere in Malaysia, at 30 second block) and 10 sen a sms.

Meanwhile, Celcom's Xpax still charges 35 sen a minute, depending where in Malaysia you are calling to. Its Celcom Prabayar Blue's rates stand at 45 sen a minute (to anyone, anywhere), each sms costs 15 sen.

Certainly, Hotlink's plan stood out, and is more attractive than its rivals. Will Celcom react? Was told that they will be announcing something over the next few weeks ...

As for DiGi, they may have pre-emp it by offering RM30 worth of credit for RM10 of reloads, a move that could tie-up users for three months.



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