Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New pricing plans from Hotlink

Maxis Communications Bhd's prepaid unit Hotlink has came up with new pricing structure.

Basically the deal is:
1. IF you want normal Basic Plan, you will have to pay 33/39 sen a minute, at 30 second block. Quite competitive with what others are offering.
2. IF you want 33/35 sen for the first minute, and 25/28 sen for the second minute. You will need to sign up to the EXtra plan. HOWEVER, it will be charged per 60-second block. (drop me a line at theaneu@gmail.com if you need more explanation on how these block charges can affect you)
3. IF you are a student, with a valid student ID of course, then you will be eligible for the Youth Club plan. 12/15 sen a minute, 1/5 sen an SMS.
I guess, there were people who were not happy with Hotlink's previous price plans. Before this new plan, they were offering 33 sen a minute (lowest in the industry), however, they charged it at per-60-second blocks.



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