Sunday, March 1, 2009

How the Malaysian telecommunications players performed in 2008?

Finally, the much-awaited fourth quarter numbers have been revealed.

In a nutshell, the country's largest fixed-line operator Telekom Malaysia Bhd announced weaker Q4 numbers, but the "bad news" was overshadowed by the 98 sen a share capital repayment.

Its sister company, TM International Bhd (soon to be known as Axiata Group Bhd), also disappointed investors, by recording a fourth quarter net loss of more than RM500 million, mainly due to the weaker ringgit and rupiah.

Even DiGi.Com Bhd, the third largest mobile player in the country, also posted weaker fourth quarter numbers. Although Q4 sales grew by 5 per cent to RM1.23 billion (Q407: RM1.18 billion), its Q4 net profit was down by 4 per cent to RM282 million. It posted RM293 million same period a year ago.

Let's look at the mobile players numbers in detail:


Fourth Quarter

DiGi: RM1.23 billion (+5 per cent)

Celcom: RM1.47 billion (+11 per cent)

Verdict -- Celcom wins.

Full year

DiGi: RM4.8 billion (+10 per cent)

Celcom: RM5.6 billion (+10 per cent)

Verdict -- Tie. Both grew by about 10 per cent.


Fourth quarter

DiGi: RM536 million (-8 per cent)

Celcom: RM664 million (+9 per cent)

Full year

DiGi: RM2.17 billion (+2.9 per cent)

Celcom: RM2.54 billion (+10 per cent)


DiGi: 45.1 per cent

Celcom: 45.2 per cent


Fourth quarter:

DiGi: RM282 million (-4 per cent)

Celcom: RM336 million (+12 per cent)

Full year:

DiGi: RM1.14 billion (+7 per cent)

Celcom: RM1.29 billion (+23 per cent)


DiGi: +294k (or +4 per cent) in fourth quarter, +653k (+ 10 per cent) in 2008.

Celcom: +507k (or 6 per cent) in fourth quarter, +1.56 million (+22 per cent) in 2008.


我就是我 said...

why u just compare tis 2 companies? how abt maxis, they are the largest player ..

我就是我 said...

why u just compare tis 2 companies? how abt maxis, they are the largest player ..

Thean Eu said...

Dear E3L,

A simple answer to this is, Celcom and DiGi, are listed or part of a listed company. They need to reveal these numbers to their shareholders.

Maxis, however, is a private company. These numbers are closely held by them.

The only numbers they revealed is their subscriber base number, which is above 11 million as of end 2008. :)

Azbahri said...

if im not mistaken, i read somewhere on the internet that eventhough maxis manage to increase subscriber base above 11 milion users, but maxis market share dropped about 0.4%. while celcom manage to increase their market share about 1.6%.

hooi said...

can i know where u get these info?

Thean Eu said...

Hooi: i got the info from celcom themselves. i attended their quarterly results media briefing. :)

hooi said... if i wanna to use ur info to do my research, what can i prove tat the given info are real?
thx a lot o..^^

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