Sunday, January 18, 2009

How Brazil performed in 2008?

THE Brazilian mobile market, which had 120.98 million mobile users in 2007, grew by 24.52 per cent to 150.64 million users in 2008.

The best performer, in terms of market share, would be Oi -- which market share grew by 2.98 percentage points, to 16.19 per cent from 13.21 per cent.

Market leader Vivo remained extended its market leadership position, from 27.68 per cent to 29.84 per cent.

Claro and TIM switched places.

Claro, the number three player in the market in 2007, saw its market share grew marginally, from 24.99 per cent to 25.71 per cent. As a result, Claro became the second largest player in 2008.

TIM, the third largest player in 2008, saw its market share shrunk, from 25.85 per cent to 24.17 per cent.



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