Thursday, December 11, 2008

Maxis cut prepaid call rates to defend market share...

The price war continues.

Market leader Maxis Communications Bhd - with more than 40 per cent mobile subscriber market share - has slashed its prepaid tariff by about 10 per cent, from 36 sen to 33 sen, for calls to all networks.

Currently, DiGi's prepaid call rates is at 36 sen a minute. Celcom's XPax and Prabayar Celcom Blue is offering 35 sen and 45 sen a minute.

Let's look at the rates in detail:

1. Maxis Hotlink -- 33 sen a minute.
What's the catch? Answer: Must top up RM30.

2. DiGi -- 36 sen a minute. **DiGi 1-Low-Flat-Rate
What's the catch? Answer: Must use more than RM30, before the rates can be adjusted from 48 sen to 36 sen.

***2A. DiGi's new Prepaid I like -- 36 sen a minute, without automatic adjusted rate feature.

3. Celcom XPAX -- 35 sen a minute
What's the catch? Answer: Only for calls within Celcom networks. For calls made to non Celcom networks, rates can go as high as RM2.60 a minute (depending on where the calls are made to).

4. Prabayar Celcom Blue -- 45 sen a minute.
What's the catch? Answer: paying 45 sen a minute and there's still a catch?!

5. U Mobile Prepaid -- 48 sen a minute.
No catch. Per second billing, each second cost 0.8 sen. Pretty much more suitable for people who likes to keep the conversation short.

Update (Dec 19) : The rates for DiGi was referring to DiGi's 1-Low-Flat-Rate prepaid tariff, which comes with adjustable rate features. Thank you reader for pointing this out.


mafiz said...

Too much emphasis given on rates. Customers are willing to buy expensive handsets, but not willing to spend on call charges. Engaging in price wars only deteriorates the industry value in the long run, although it does benefit the customers in the short run. Industy players are allocating too much 'thinking' resources to cut each others throat rather than cooperatively creating more value in the retail space.

We have been witnessing the same war on minutes & sms for a long time and I think the market don't really react to them that much anymore. I want to see more battles in the application space. Put application in the packages and perhaps we'll start to see operators moving away from minutes and sms.

Beautiful Tonight said...

yr info is wrong...Digi instant Rm0.36 per minutes and in 30 seconds per block.

Advise u to survey first before misleading..


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