Monday, December 22, 2008

DiGi CEO on 3G and Mobile Broadband

Below are excerpts of the interview with DiGi CEO Johan Dennelind:

Q: When are you going to launch 3G? Will it be early Q1 or late Q1?

Dennelind: The sooner the better. But, I don't want to rush it. I want to make sure we have a solid go-to-market strategy.

Q: So, you don't want to rush it (to launch 3G). Does it mean 3G launch could be dragged until Q2?

No. Then that will be very disappointing.

Q: Do you think DiGi can be the number one in mobile broadband space in three years?

When that happens, I think we should rent one of the twin towers and have a huge party. That's not going to happen. We are realistic, but ambitious. We want to have a fair share in the mobile broadband market, and overtime, we are aiming for one-third of that market. Whether that is number one or number two in the market, that remains to be seen. We shouldn't be far away from that.
To get a third of the mobile broadband market share is going to take more than three years, but we are here to stay.
I hope where we go in, we can surprise positively and deliver on their expectations. To do that, it's going to be a momentum driver, that's why we are not rushing and taking our time to launch.

Q: What can you promise potential DiGi 3G users?

Dennelind: I promise that we will try as hard as we can to live up to the expectations.



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